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Protect Your Family From Grease Contamination

We exist to protect our families, our environment, and our economy from the devastating long term effects of F.O.G. pollution.

What makes us “Good”:

  • Grease Bags are Certified ASTM D 6400 compostable by a BPI recognized agency and landfill friendly.

  • Waste Wise Partner with The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

  • Zero Waste company

  • Sustainable product

  • Registered Vendor with the Federal Government (aka active member of SAM.GOV)

  • Black owned

  • Women owned

"Don’t Just throw your grease away, get rid of it...for “Good”!

  • Each bag absorbs a quart of oil or more so there is bang for your buck!

-Don’t let the size of the bag fool you! Each bag has the capacity to absorb a quart of oil or more. Some customers relate to comparing an entire bottle of cooking oil.

  • Grease Bags not only absorb grease, but they encapsulate it so that it will never leak in the trash or in the landfill.

-We created a product that is not only convenient for the customer but is also great for our environment! Climate change is happening and there are many efforts towards solutions. Household Grease and the improper disposal of many oil based hazardous wastes are major contributors to pollution, contaminated water, and contaminated soils. With limited options, this problem has not been properly addressed and is often left out of the conversation. We believe that Grease Bags are that SIMPLE SOLUTION. Our all natural absorbent is uniquely designed to lock in oil forever! The microbial based absorbent breaks the oils down into a substance that protects the earth from the hazardous waste indefinitely!

  • Grease Bags is great for more than used cooking oils and animal fats...

-Grease bags are great for any oil based liquid which includes motor oil, transmission fluid, and oil based paint. This is a great option for home mechanics and diy projects.

*Although Grease bags are great for any oil based liquid, only edible cooking oils and animal fats should be added to compost. Normally there is no need for customers to separate the used inner pad from the outer bag. However, if they are composting at home with a Bokashi (anaerobic) system (see more about Bokashi later), this step is necessary. We use organic cotton as our outer fabric for the absorbent pad, so it is safe to compost.

In addition, down the line, we are hoping to have used Grease Bags included in other green energy efforts. In this instance, non-edible oils could be added.

  • Grease Bags absorb grease and repel water like magic!

-It is recommended that consumers use something like a paper towel to wipe pans of residual oils before washing the pans in their sink. This prevents the oils from going down the drain. Even a little oil down the drain is too much! When everyone practices these habits, the oil accumulates in our pipelines and we end up with a huge problem in our sewage lines and water systems.

Grease Bags are designed to repel water and absorb grease ONLY. Consumers can pour greasy pan water into the bag, which will absorb the grease and separate the water. The consumer can then pour clear, clean water down the drain and wash their pans worry free! This is also a great option for those who use meat smokers. Meat smokers often have issues disposing oily water, which is a byproduct of smoking meat.

  • Why use a Grease Bag vs. a used coffee can or container?

-Used coffee cans and containers often do not prevent used oils from leaking in our trash and definitely do not protect the waste from leaking into the soil. These containers would serve us better by being recycled or repurposed.

Our mission is to contribute to waste diversion in any way we can. Grease is our main focus, but we are conscious of not adding waste to the landfills that are already overflowing as well. This is why Grease Bags has been carefully designed with materials that protect our environment from this waste.

  • Grease Bags not only help save our planet but they save our pockets as well.

-Plumbing bills can be very costly and millions of dollars are being spent by municipalities on pipeline replacements. In both cases these costs can easily be reduced by cities and residents with use of Grease Bags.

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