Convenient and Easy: Aren't you tired of looking for containers to pour leftover grease in? Doesn't it seem like no matter what you pour it in or how many plastic bags you tie around it, it mysteriously finds a way to leak in your trash anyway? Doesn't it feel like you can't find the time or energy to drive all the way to the recycle facility, let alone risk the chance of grease or oil being spilled in your car?

 Being green, caring about the environment, and disposing grease, should not be such an inconvenience. The solution is simple. Just open a Grease Bag, pour your grease in and close it. Each bag absorbs up to 32 oz. of oil, so you really get a great value. Once oil is absorbed, it is magically encapsulated in our all natural absorbent pad and will never leak out again, not in your trash or in our environment. You can get rid of that grease guilt free and keep our soil and water systems safe from used cooking oils and oil based chemicals that can be really harmful to the environment. Clogs or contamination due to improper grease disposal can lead to water pollution and spread of disease.

 Grease Bags absorbs grease and oil only. If any water is present in the oil (i.e. when baking or smoking meat) Grease Bags will separate it, extracting and absorbing the oil only, so that clear clean water can be poured off. How cool is that?! This keeps grease out of your drains, preventing clogs. We don't realize how much grease goes down our drains until the plumber shows up and we are left with a hefty bill! Even a little grease down the drain is too much. Not only can it be costly to you, but cities spend hundreds of thousands of dollars replacing pipelines due to improper grease disposal. It's just not worth it.

Grease Bags are great for pan drippings like bacon fat as well. Allow the oil to cool slightly and pour into a Grease Bag before it becomes a solid. That is usually just enough time to enjoy your meal. Grease Bags also do not have to be used all at once and can be resealed with our 100% compostable sticker. Plus, they are a great solution for disposing grease and pan drippings on vacations and camping trips. Who has an extra empty coffee can on vacation? Grease bags are light weight and easy to pack.  

Grease Bags are also great for disposing non edible oils such as automotive fluids and oil based paints. However these oils contain harmful chemicals that should NEVER be composted with food scraps. Simply reseal the bag and throw it away. Grease bags will prevent these chemicals from leaking into our soils via landfills or otherwise.

  • Reduce waste and get your kitchen back: 
  • With Grease bags you can be apart of the zero waste movement.  You no longer have to collect grease in containers that could otherwise be recycled and take up valuable cabinet space. Our bags do not need much space. Our landfills are already overflowing and we are conscience of that. We have gone to great lengths to be sure our product does not add to that problem. All of our packaging meets ASTM 6400 municipal standards and are commercially compostable in facilities that except food scraps. Plus, they are safe to simply throw away in the trash. Each city has different requirements, so please refer to your local rules and regulations when composting. Our bags are made from sustainable birch trees and our absorbent pad  is 100% all natural. This means our bags will biodegrade and become one with the earth again. Our product is made from materials preferred by the US/Canadian FDA.
  • Now you can get rid of the grease, add a new convenience to your household, and do something good for the planet at the same time!