• Convenient and Easy: Just open a Grease Bag, pour your grease in and close it up. The entire bag is commercially compostable, perfect for mulch, and safe to throw away
  • Reduce waste and get your kitchen back: With Grease bags you can be apart of waste reduction by no longer collecting grease in recyclable containers that take up valuable cabinet space. Plus, once your grease is absorbed in Grease Bags it will never leak again, so no more messy trash cans!
  • All natural and completely compostable: Grease Bags are lined with an all natural absorbent that encapsulates used cooking oils and fats, and converts it into a compostable substance. The entire bag is compostable!
  • Save $ on plumbing repairs and Prevent Pollution: Grease Bags are a simple solution to a major problem. A little grease down the drain or even the toilet, is too much! It can be expensive buying drain cleaners that can cause more damage to your pipes or paying plumber bills. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars cities waste on pipeline replacements. Most are unaware that vegetable oil is causing as much environmental damage as crude oil due to improper disposal. The clogs are also causing sewage backups which pollute our waterways and water filtration systems.
  • It's not worth it...just use Grease Bags.