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Save Our Pipes

The Sustainable Solution


To Improper Fat, Oil, and Grease Disposal

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This image portrays a shocking reality 

Nearly 50% of all sewage overflows nationwide are caused by homeowners who improperly dispose of everyday Fats, Oils, and Grease (F.O.G.). Pouring this waste down the drain or garbage disposal causes commercial and residential sewer backups.

Grease Bags is the only leakproof method! The oil is not just absorbed, but encapsulated so it will never leak in the trash, landfill, or transport. Even the grease tin will leak over time. Take action against improper waste disposal and grab your bag today.

"Don’t just throw your grease away,

get rid of it...for Good!"

How Grease Bags Works

Step 1: Cook Your Favorite Fried Meals

Step 2: Then Pour Your oil

Into Your Grease Bag

Step 3: Let Our Composting System Break It Down

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Grease Bags was built by LaTangela Newsome, an inspirational entrepreneur, mother, writer, actress, and singer. Click the link below to watch her most recent appearance, presenting Grease Bags on ABC's Shark Tank.

"We created a product that is not only convenient but it is also great for our environment. Climate change is happening, here is our way of helping you do your part to make a difference."

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How You Can Learn More

About Improper Waste Disposal

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What Makes Us “Good”:

100% Safe To Compost

Our all-natural absorbent bag is uniquely designed to lock in oil forever! Grease bags are home and commercially compostable.

100% Safe To Reuse

Grease Bags not only absorb grease, but they encapsulate it so that it will never leak in the trash or in the landfill.


100% Safe To Dispose

Don’t let the size of the bag fool you! Each bag has the capacity to absorb a quart of oil or more.

Fatberg The ‘Size Of A Small Bungalow’ Removed From London Sewer

How You Can Join The Conversation @greasebags

  • "F.O.G. disposal does not sound so bad.""
    The EPA estimates that 65 percent of sewer spills are caused by fats, oils and grease (F.O.G.) coming from households. Not only is this problem contributing to inflated operating costs for cities and towns, but fatbergs can become so bloated they cause people's toilets to back up, flooding their homes with raw sewage. We believe through educating people about hazards of improper grease disposal and offering Grease Bags as a solution, we can eliminate that number!
  • “A little grease down the drain won’t hurt.”
    The problem with this thought process is that most people think this way. Everyone pouring a little grease down the drain adds up.
  • “Running hot water and/or using detergent will break up the oil.”
    Detergents and hot water only break up oil particles temporarily. As the liquid cools it solidifies again later down the pipeline.
  • “I just pour my grease in the toilet instead of my kitchen sink.”
    Whether people are pouring grease down the kitchen sink or the toilet, it ends up destroying the same pipelines and causing the same sewage backups.
  • “I just pour my grease outside in the yard or in the woods.”
    Pouring used cooking oil in yards will cause major damage to your grass and will most likely stunt the grass growth in that area. In addition, wild animals and rodents are highly attracted to the smell of used cooking oils. Disposing of it around your home will only promote activity from these animals.
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