Grease Bags

Grease Bags


Finally, dispose used cooking oils at home in an eco-friendly and convenient way! Get rid of that grease the "green way" with Grease Bags!

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  • Use Grease Bags

  • Safely dispose of used oils

  • Help protect our environment

Grease Bags Bundle<br>$24.99<strike><small></small></strike>

Grease Bags Bundle

Stock up for several weeks with our Grease Bags Bundle. Our best value offers you three of our convenient, Earth saving Grease Bags holds up to 32 oz.

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Grease Bag<br>$8.99

Grease Bag

Grease bags is the only disposable, compostable, convenient way to get rid of used cooking oil at home. Make your life easier while doing great things for our planet.

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How should I dispose Grease Bags?

BioRemix products prides ourselves in contributing to the zero waste movement. We encourage everyone to compost Grease Bags or add them to the mulch pile. However, they are safe for landfill disposal.

Are there any chemicals in Grease Bags?

No. Grease Bags do not contain any chemicals or toxins. They are all natural.

How do Grease Bags make Grease compostable?

Our all natural heat treated absorbent, absorbs and encapsulates the oil. This allows the oil stay in its own environment while naturally occurring microbes break it down into earth friendly hydro carbons. This process allows oil to go into the compost pile and not affect the air, heat, and moisture needed for the composting process. The outer bag is plant-based and certified completely compostable as well.

Does my trash service have to offer curbside composting service for me to use Grease Bags?

No. Most trash services include pick-up for yard trimmings which is then turned into mulch for the city and its residents. Grease Bags may be included in that pick-up service. We are also partnering with grocers who are already composting and may offer a drop-off program for consumers who purchase Grease Bags from their store (details TBA). Grease Bags are also safe for landfill disposal.

How much oil will each bag absorb?

Each standard size bag absorbs 32oz of oil (a standard bottle of vegetable oil). When your bottle of vegetable oil is gone you know your bag has done its job.

Can I only get one size Grease Bag?

For now we are only offering our standard size bag. We will be offering larger bags for industrial use and turkey fryers soon and even more products to come. Subscribe to stay updated.